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I am Rehana . I am good at studies and my teachers like me.I am twenty- two years old..I am

five feet eight inches tall. I am good at manipulating the human nature.I am intelligent girl and

good at work ethics. I am good at sports and games.I am highly talented individual.I am good

at music and dancing. The people like me because of my abilities and the hardwork I do.I am

good at drawing and painting.I am outgoing and prefer to stay alone. I am sophisticated girl

and like to go for travel.My father is a businessman and mother is a housewife.I have two

younger brothers. I am quick to grasp all things that is of importance. I am highly appreciated

for looks. Thus Lucknow Escorts are good at many things because of their talent.

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Writer's view

According to writer, Rihanna is a hardworking girl. She is extrovert and likes independence. She

is kind hearted and helps those people who are in need. She is planning to participate in Miss

Lucknow contest. Miss Lucknow contest is a platform to females to go in acting or theatres

division. According tk writer many women organizations work on ethics. They are doing much

for women to eliminate the negative things. The women organizations are working for the

needy. According to writer all wrong doers to be punished. Only people with discipline should be

given a chance. Thus we observe Calling Girls Lucknow are constant hard workers